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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Silicon Valley Education FoundationEarly Education, Early Math$1,7002017for reprinting 1,000 copies of the "Strengthening Early Math" report to be distributed at the Early Math Adds Up conference
    University of MarylandEarly Education, Early Math$15,8402017to partner with Zeno Math to study the effects of introducing a home learning number card game on numerical understandings of children in Head Start programs
    Erikson InstituteEarly Education, Early Math$50,0002017for a national conference focused on fostering access to mathematics for young English language learners
    National Museum of MathematicsEarly Education, Early Math$17,2502017for the National Museum of Mathematics to partner with the University of Chicago to develop resources for parents to guide their children's learning in the museum setting and to study the effects of these tools on learning outcomes and visitor experience
    The University of ChicagoEarly Education, Early Math$43,6082016an additional $43,608 amendment to grant #2015-045 for the development and testing of a system of formative math assessments and related instructional strategies designed to enhance preschool mathematics teaching and learning
    Californians Dedicated to Education FoundationEarly Education, Early Math$25,0002016to support the 2016 California STEM Symposium
    The University of ChicagoEarly Education, Early Math$17,2502016to convene a conference focused on identifying promising ways to support family math fluency during children's early years
    Trustees of Purdue UniversityEarly Education, Early Math$858,0492016to develop and evaluate a family-implemented math language intervention for preschool children who are monolingual English speakers or dual language learners (Spanish/English)
    Reach Out and Read IncEarly Education, Early Math$74,7372016to support continued program delivery at medical clinics where personnel have already been trained to provide the Early Math Initiative and further refinement of training and family-facing materials in preparation for a wider project launch
    San Mateo County Office of EducationEarly Education, Early Math$264,3002016to implement a revised approach to the Early Learning Math Initiative in the San Mateo Foster City School District.
    YMCA of Silicon ValleyEarly Education, Early Math$203,9362016to create long-term program implementation resources for Nana y Yo y las Matematicas and to test their use in three locations
    The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior UniversityEarly Education, Early Math$5,000,0002016for Phase II of the Development and Research in Early Education (DREME) Network, a collaborative effort to advance the field of early mathematics research and improve young children's opportunities to develop math skills
    Vanderbilt UniversityEarly Education, Early Math$460,5532016to examine associations between early grades and middle school math achievement, relationships between cognitive skills and math achievement, and the mismatch between student and teacher assessments of mathematical skill and actual scores in math
    Regents of the University of MichiganEarly Education, Early Math$487,8722016for a study of early mathematics instruction that includes analyses of nationally representative, longitudinal datasets and an observational study of kindergarten and first grade classrooms
    Philanthropic Ventures FoundationEarly Education, Early Math$55,0002016for a mini-grant program to support teachers and learners in low-income communities with mathematics-related classroom resources, educational field trips, and professional development
    Vanderbilt UniversityEarly Education, Early Math$134,3442016to evaluate how well children's pattern and spatial skills in preschool predict their mathematics knowledge in kindergarten, and to explore how parental beliefs and behaviors around math influence preschoolers' mathematical skills
    Education Development Center Inc.Early Education, Early Math$429,0002016to support an in-depth observational study of the instructional practices of early childhood teachers participating in a professional development intervention designed to promote low-income children's mastery motivation and mathematics skills
    Robin Hood FoundationEarly Education, Early Math$1,433,3332016to help support the longitudinal evaluation of a curriculum-based, math-focused preschool intervention and to assess the added value of a kindergarten enhancement offered through math clubs
    Council for a Strong AmericaEarly Education, Early Math$150,0002016to mobilize business leaders and retired admirals and generals as champions for early math education
    The Fred Rogers CompanyEarly Education, Early Math$500,0002016to support production of a second season of a math-focused television show (Odd Squad), mobile games and an app, and to stage two summers of Odd Squad camps across the country.
    Sesame WorkshopEarly Education, Early Math$450,0002016to expand and enhance Make Believe With Math with new research-based content and strategic partnerships to better meet the needs of early childhood educators.
    The Teaching DoctorsEarly Education, Early Math$157,1802016to implement Math Shelf, a tablet-based preschool numeracy program, and to pilot test methods for supporting teachers to implement hands-on learning experiences that are linked to children's tablet-based experiences
    Santa Clara County Office of EducationEarly Education, Early Math$88,9652015for the Family Math Workshop Series
    California STEM Learning NetworkEarly Education, Early Math$10,0002015to support the Annual California STEM Summit
    Child Trends IncorporatedEarly Education, Early Math$90,0002015to develop a statistical portrait of Latino children's early math and social-emotional skills, identify the factors that promote these skills, and communicate this knowledge to audiences who can use it to improve outcomes for Latino children
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