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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Public Policy Institute of CaliforniaEarly Education, Dual Language Learners$57,2832017to conduct interviews and develop a subsequent study of the association between resource allocation, instructional programs, and reclassification of English learners in the early primary grades
    Migration Policy InstituteEarly Education, Dual Language Learners$300,0002016is to undertake a set of research activities to shed light on approaches being taken across the country to address super diversity in early education settings
    University of Kansas Center For Research IncEarly Education, Dual Language Learners$199,7312016to support the design and implementation of two e-learning modules focused on cultural competencies, and to support field-testing of national home visitor competencies
    Regents of the University of California, DavisEarly Education, Dual Language Learners$75,0002016to assess the feasibility of delivering the REEd Center's DLL-focused professional development model to broad early childhood audiences
    Californians TogetherEarly Education, Dual Language Learners$109,8252016to deepen early childhood education leadership and advocacy work
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