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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Social Impact FundHuman Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002016for the Show Me Campaign's #FREEAMERICA project
    County of San Mateo Human Services AgencyHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$4,0002016for Office of Immigrant Support and Coordination's first-ever Immigrant Integration Summit
    Asylum AccessHuman Rights, General$25,0002016for general support
    Human Rights FirstHuman Rights, General$40,0002016for general support
    National Immigration Law CenterHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$100,0002016for general support
    Witness Inc.Human Rights, General$40,0002016for general support
    JustLeadershipUSA Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$25,0002016for general support
    Defy Ventures Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$15,0002016for Defy's Bay Area office
    Accountability CounselHuman Rights, General$60,0002016for general support
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$425,0002016for E4FC's Invest in the Dream initiative and its program of work
    Equal Justice InitiativeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002016for general support
    Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto IncHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$135,0002016for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and legal services for unaccompanied minors
    SparkHuman Rights, General$15,0002016for general support
    Groundswell FundHuman Rights, General$40,0002016for general support
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in CaliforniaHuman Rights, Justice Reform$2,5002016for the 20th Anniversary Celebration event sponsorship
    Institute for Local GovernmentHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$60,0002016to further develop regional approaches to immigrant integration in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties
    The Opportunity InstituteHuman Rights, Justice Reform$300,0002016for the Renewing Communities Initiative project
    Tides CenterHuman Rights, Justice Reform$250,0002016for Californians for Safety and Justice project
    Legal Aid Society of San Mateo CountyHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$52,0002016for the LIBRE project, to conduct outreach and education, application assistance, and legal support when appropriate, to help low-income immigrants access government benefits
    Silicon Valley De-BugHuman Rights, Justice Reform$75,0002016for grassroots advocacy for bail reform in California
    Vera Institute of Justice Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$50,0002016for the Common Justice project for strategic communications
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in CaliforniaHuman Rights, Justice Reform$40,0002016for general support
    Anti-Recidivism CoalitionHuman Rights, Justice Reform$75,0002016for leadership development and advocacy for bail reform in California
    Human Rights Watch Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$150,0002016for U.S. criminal justice and immigration programs and the women's rights division worldwide
    Essie Justice GroupHuman Rights, Justice Reform$30,0002016for general support
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