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New Report on How Wholesale Electricity Markets Impact Wind Production

The Great Plains Institute (GPI) recently released a report concluding that the launch of the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) electricity market in 2005 resulted in an… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Making Math Count More For Latino Children

If demographics are destiny, my family was headed for educational failure. All the signs pointed to struggle. Low-income? Check. Parents without education beyond high school? Check. A primary language other than English? Check. And parents who didn’t read to their children? Check. Continue Reading

Seven tips for integrating mathematical thinking into family engagement programs

The nonpartisan research organization Mathematica Policy Research recently developed an issue brief documenting the ways in which five family engagement organizations developed and tested integrating math into their programs. Continue Reading

Introducing the 51 Pegasi b Fellowship

The Heising-Simons Foundation is pleased to announce the inaugural cohort of 51 Pegasi b Fellows. Named after the first exoplanet discovered in 1995, the 51 Pegasi… Continue Reading

The Path Forward on Clean Energy in the United States

The path forward to curb climate change and advance clean energy in the United States has taken a sharp turn, following the recent election. As… Continue Reading
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